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  • New Product Development: The Challenges Of Decoding The Consumer Voice
    New Product Development: The Challenges Of Decoding The Consumer Voice

    In the food industry, the consumer’s voice is extremely important to keep in mind as new products and quality improvements are devised every day. We all strive for customer satisfaction, but the customer’s voice, documented through consumer surveys, complaint tracking, and social media, isn’t always satisfaction per se. To interpret the feedback and translate it into formulation changes and flavor concepts can be a skill in and of itself.

  • Why Food Manufacturing Needs An Unorthodox Approach
    Why Food Manufacturing Needs An Unorthodox Approach

    Food manufacturing is not a typical manufacturing operation; it faces unique dilemmas compared to conventional manufacturing. Because of this, the mindset of food manufacturers must also be unique. This article relates conventional manufacturing operations with food manufacturing, shows why the food industry needs a different mindset, and provides approaches to change the mentality of the industry.

  • 5 Food Safety Focus Areas For 2018
    5 Food Safety Focus Areas For 2018

    2017 was an incredible year for food safety filled with challenges in identifying key issues having a pivotal impacton the F&B industry. That said, I believe these five food safety topics brought revolutionary changes to the way the food industry tackled food safety issues and will alter how we approach food safety and how we do business in 2018 and beyond.

  • Third-Party Audits: Trials, Tribulations, And How To Exceed Requirements
    Third-Party Audits: Trials, Tribulations, And How To Exceed Requirements

    GFSI schemes are used as the base requirement for many supply chain verification and supplier approval programs, but are customers using them independently? In many incidences, I've noted customers are taking only the GFSI certificate as a verification step without fully understanding the challenges the schemes are having. Here, I review those challenges.

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  • How Safe Is X-Ray Inspection Of Food?

    Some food manufacturers have reservations about the adoption of X-ray inspection as a method of product inspection. The levels of radiation used for X-ray inspection in the food industry are extremely low, and the use of X-ray inspection equipment is both highly regulated and increasingly common. By Mettler-Toledo

White Paper: A Guide To Understanding And Mixing Thickeners

Rheology modifiers, commonly referred to as thickeners or viscosifiers, are ever-present in most products. They serve the purpose of not just altering the viscosity of the formulation but also that of providing specific functionality to the product.

The Advantages Of Mixing Under Vacuum
Many of the advantages of mixing, blending, and drying under vacuum have been recognized for years. But until recently, vacuum has also been widely misunderstood. Many processors have considered vacuum essential — and cost-effective — only for the most demanding applications. Submitted by Charles Ross and Son Company
Comprehensive Air Assessments: The 5-Step Process

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that air compressors use as much as 10% of all electricity generated in the United States.

Viscosity Flow Curve Tells All

Characterizing any material for flow behavior involves testing it over a range of shear rates relevant to how it is processed in manufacturing or how it is used by the consumer. Ointments, for example, are used to coat human body parts like skin, lips, finger/toe nails, hair, eyeballs, etc. The coating action is such that the medicinal mixture, once applied to the surface of the object, spreads as it is rubbed into place. Therefore, a relevant viscosity test would employ shear rates that mimic this type of spreading action.

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  • Mixer Options For Pureeing And Liquefying Solids

    A variety of mixers are suitable for pureeing requirements – from single-shaft rotor/stator mixers and high speed dispersers to multi-agitator equipment for higher viscosity formulations, and even ultra-high shear mixers which are used to achieve a high level of smoothness and consistency in some products.

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Air Demand Analysis Air Demand Analysis

What is an ADA?
Kaeser's Air Demand Analysis (ADA) is our unique approach to comprehensive air system audits. Without interrupting daily plant operations, our proprietary ADA program provides a complete and accurate air demand and consumption profile. We can tailor this audit to any size system.

Air Treatment Air Treatment

Compressed air applications range from general purpose shop air to breathing air - with a wide range of applications in between.  Because the application determines the type of air treatment required, the first step in meeting your air treatment needs is to look closely and specifically at your air quality requirements.

Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors

The new dimension in oil-free compression
With logical component layout and exceptional attention to detail, Kaeser's 2-stage oil-free rotary screw compressors were designed specifically with the user in mind. Kaeser's renowned quality offers peace of mind and built for a lifetime™ reliability.

Sigma Air Manager 4.0 Sigma Air Manager 4.0

Key technology for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things
The new generation of compressed air system control is here with Sigma Air Manager 4.0. Using its adaptive 3Dadvanced Control, SAM 4.0 makes air generation and treatment even more intelligent, reliable and efficient.

Rotary Screw Compressors Rotary Screw Compressors

Kaeser's line of industrial air compressors are designed for reliability, maximum efficiency, and easy maintenance.

Custom Engineered Solutions Custom Engineered Solutions

Kaeser's custom air systems are designed for even the most demanding installations and harshest of environments. These complete systems showcase features common throughout our products: exceptional reliability, simple maintenance, and superior energy efficiency, no matter what the installation limitations may be. Space, weather and accessibility constraints are eliminated, with reduced construction, installation, and operating costs.

SmartPipe™ SmartPipe™

Kaeser's SmartPipe is a modular aluminum pipe for compressed air installations, offering both lower installation costs and lower long-term operating costs. From small shops to large industrial systems, SmartPipe is great for all facilities and is available in sizes up to 6" pipe diameter.

Hygienic Round Top Removal (HRT) Filter Hygienic Round Top Removal (HRT) Filter

The new Schenck Process 3-A approved Hygienic Round Top Removal (HRT) Filter is designed for sanitary applications where dust collection is required in low-capacity pneumatic conveying systems such as vacuum loading of extruders or refilling minor/micro hoppers.  

Energy Performance Energy Performance

Energy expenditure is one of the highest operating expenses in most manufacturing plants, reducing energy consumption helps companies reduce operational costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Adopting an effective energy management system is imperative for improved profitability and sustainability. Based on Schneider Electric’s world-class energy management solution, Energy Performance provides comprehensive visualization tools to reduce energy consumption, optimize equipment utilization and improve electrical network reliability.

Label Assurance Label Assurance

Undeclared allergen in food product causes detrimental effect on consumers who react adversely. It also leads to costly regulatory non-compliance penalties and loss of market share as consumer trust erodes. Label Assurance by Schneider Electric performs label inspection checks at the packaging line, helping food and beverage manufacturers avoid product recalls due to mislabeling and undeclared allergen. Simply put, Label Assurance ensures the right product is in the right packaging.

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  • Enterprise 2.0 In Industrial ERP
    Enterprise 2.0 In Industrial ERP

    Ubiquitous and highly intuitive consumer technology, the increasingly distributed and geographically dispersed nature of the workforce and the spectacular rise of social media are all influencing the way business software is deployed and used.

  • 5 Ways To Create More Accurate Demand Forecasts
    5 Ways To Create More Accurate Demand Forecasts

    Have you ever paused to consider the importance of accurate demand forecasting? Obviously you know it’s crucial to your organization’s success, but until you really hone in on the different reasons behind the need for accuracy, you won’t take customer forecasting as seriously as you should.

  • 5 Quality Audits Every Food Company Should Be Doing
    5 Quality Audits Every Food Company Should Be Doing

    Quality audits are a great way to fight against compromised product quality. But, what "quality audits" should be completed and how are they done?

  • NFPA Codes For Food Manufacturers Infographic
    NFPA Codes For Food Manufacturers Infographic

    If you’re in the food manufacturing industry, you’re at risk of a combustible dust explosion. View this handy infographic outlining the most common National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes for those in the food manufacturing industry.

  • How X-Ray Inspection Technology Can Save Your Brand And Reputation
    How X-Ray Inspection Technology Can Save Your Brand And Reputation

    F&B industry competition is fierce and the quality associated with a brand is critical to a company’s success. This article details how X-ray inspection helps food companies preserve their brand integrity.

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