White Paper

Food Safety And Quality Regulations: A Guide To Global Standards

Source: Eagle Product Inspection
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Navigating today’s regulations on a local, national and global level is complex and time-consuming. The sheer number of regulations and recommended standards, the overlap between them, the nuances that impact day-to-day operations and required deadlines can be overwhelming for any company in the food and beverage business, especially mid-sized and smaller organizations. The acronyms alone can be head-spinning.

Adding to the complexity of industry requirements and suggested voluntary actions is the ongoing move toward globalization. It’s not enough for U.S. manufacturers to be well versed on federal and state guidelines or, for that matter, what’s required for exports and imports. As more companies are part of international organizations or have offices or a presence in other countries, the need for learning and heeding different standards is growing along with expanded business. What is mandated in one part of the world impacts work done in other parts of the world.