Application Note

In-Line Contamination Detection For Poultry Manufacturers

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

Poultry X-ray Infeed and Reject Systems offer processors an inline contamination inspection system with a reject and return facility. This system offers much more reliable and consistent results than manual inspection, resulting in consistent product quality and ultimately protecting your brand.

  • Product is delivered to operators on the bottom tier conveyor.
  • The operator removes the product placing it onto the trimming table to trim or remove bone as required. High-speed imaging, up to 220 feet per minute.
  • Trim tables are illuminated from below to assist the operator in locating bone.
  • The trim/waste is dropped into a hole in the table into a crate. An optional trim takeaway conveyor can be added if required.
  • Trimmed product is placed by the operator on the top tier on a blue link belt to guarantee accurate spacing going into the x-ray.
  • The product is x-rayed to detect bone fragments or foreign body contamination.
  • If a contaminant is detected a signal is sent to the reject unit activating the retractable belt.
  • Rejected product is dropped onto the reject return conveyor and delivered back to the operators for rework.
  • Clean product continues on the takeaway conveyor for packing or further processing.