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In the Pressure Cooker - How Operational Data Is Changing The Food And Beverage Industry

Source: OSIsoft
Vessel and Silo Scales for Food Manufacturing

Food and beverage manufacturers have it tough, and the pressure cooker is only getting hotter. Consumers want a sustainable food supply, government regulations are constantly changing and many brands are producing product with aging equipment and other older assets. On top of everything, manufacturers must guarantee utmost quality to maintain consumer confidence and uphold brand integrity, all while making a healthy margin.

So how does the food and beverage industry juggle such a complicated and demanding ecosystem? The answer lies in data. The global nature of the food and beverage industry’s supply-chain and production process demands that organizations establish a single source of truth for the enterprise-wide production and process data.

As data permeates through every area of organizations and digital transformation moves from theory to reality, food and beverage companies must gain real-time operational insights to optimize processes, ensure quality and gain complete visibility from farm all the way to fork. Only then is it possible to monitor and understand performance on all points of the supply chain and maintain operational excellence.