Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software: Cereal Manufacturing

Source: AVEVA


Asset capacity utilization is a key success factor for this highly consolidated, asset-intensive industry. It is important to efficiently manage raw ingredients and packaging materials, optimize operations efficiency and responsiveness and reduce operational waste. Energy optimization is a key variable that can significantly impact unit cost.     

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AVEVA helps Breakfast Cereal manufacturing companies efficiently manage ingredients and materials while optimizing operations efficiency and reducing waste.

Wonderware Operations and Performance MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) Software helps standardize manufacturing processes and reduce waste while maintaining product safety with full traceability and trackability. Wonderware Corporate Energy Management helps monitor and optimize energy consumption. Analytical software like Wonderware Intelligence enables contextualized reporting and analysis of an organization's production. The Wonderware System Platform is a unified platform upon which AVEVA Food and Beverage solutions are integrated.

AVEVA Addresses Key Challenges

  • Maintain product safety
  • Manage and maximize assets
  • Enforce disciplined operations
  • Monitor performance
  • Analyze and benchmark production data
  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Enable flexible and efficient packaging

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