Case Study

Case Study: Productivity Improved Through Sensitive Product Inspection Technology

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

The AdvanChek Bulk Flow X-ray inspection systems are ensuring enhanced quality control at one of Sweden's leading processors of berries for the food industry. Olle Svensson AB, based in Olofstrom, decided to install the systems following trials at one of its major customers.

The wild and cultivated berries originate from Sweden and several countries in Eastern Europe. When they arrive at the processing plants – one in the south and one in the north of the country - they are frozen and usually still have leaves and stalks attached, so need to be cleaned. Contamination of the berries with small stones has always been a problem, and previously the company used an air blast to find and remove the stones. The air blast would raise the berries in the air, leaving the stones behind. This was an energy-intensive and time-consuming procedure, as two people were also required to manually check for stones.

"Product quality has always been our highest priority and we have always gone to great lengths to ensure our final berry products are free from contaminants such as stones," commented Mats Hjalmarrson, Olle Svennson's Quality Manager. "We had been looking for an alternative to our air blast systems for some time, and when we conducted trials of the AdvanChek Bulk Flow x-ray inspection system at one of our customer's factories, we were convinced that it was the right technology for our requirements. I'm pleased to confirm that since we installed the units last August we have been extremely satisfied with their performance, with contaminants down to virtually zero," he added.

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