Sentinel Multiscan Metal Detector For Food Packaging And Manufacturing

Source: Thermo Scientific Product Inspection

Sentinel Multiscan Metal Detector For Food Packaging And Manufacturing

The Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector utilizes an innovative new technology to overcome the limitation of fixed single or dual frequency metal detectors that can miss metal contaminants hidden in product signals.

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Multiscan technology scans a combination of up to five user selectable frequencies from 50 to 1000 kHz. This enables users to identify contaminants that are up to 70 percent smaller in volume than previous technologies, including the Thermo Scientific APEX 500 metal detector, thus reducing the probability of an escape to near zero. It is like having five metal detectors in one.

All metals whether iron, stainless steel, brass or aluminum react differently to an electromagnetic field. Their reaction changes based on shape, size, orientation and position. The small signal from the metal contaminant can hide inside of a much larger signal from a wet, salty or high mineral content product. Add to this unwanted electrical interference and vibration effects and you have the potential for metal foreign objects to go undetected.

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