News | March 12, 2018

The Hershey Company To Invest $60M At Hazleton PA Manufacturing Facility

The Hershey Company plans to invest $60M to expand its chocolate production complex at Humboldt Industrial Park in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. The company expects to hire 111 associates.

The company plans to expand its Kit Kat manufacturing line, making it the company’s next $1B brand. The Hazleton Plant produces Kit Kat, Cadbury and Caramello chocolates.

Kit Kat bars created with layers of wafer sticks, adorned with sweet filling and covered in chocolate, is one of our most complex bars to produce, said Plant manager Stephen Knight.

“In 2017, we continued to strengthen our core chocolate brands, positioned our snacks business for ongoing success and increased adjusted operating profit margin,” said Michele Buck, President & CEO.

“We continue to drive strong growth in our core chocolate brands as Reese’s, Hershey’s, KitKat and Kisses combined retail takeaway was solid, up 2% in the fourth quarter and 5% for the full year,” she added.

SOURCE: Hershey