Sustainability Multimedia

  1. What Is Influencing Packaging In Food And Dairy Applications?

    In this podcast, Nick Merriwether of IMA Dairy and Food, discusses with Food Online Voices some of the recent innovations within thermoformed containers and how those innovations are benefitting food manufacturers. Further, Merriwether explores what he believes to be the latest trends in packaging for food manufacturers and dairy processors. Finally, Merriwether addresses consumers’ demand for food products with extended shelf life and how active sterilization and packaging methods are helping meet that demand.

  2. What Microbial Detection Advancements Are Improving Food Safety?

    In this podcast, Dr. Gregory Siragusa, Sr. Principal Scientist of Microbiology at DuPont Nutrition and Health, discusses with Food Online Voices of the dangers that consumers face today in spite of all the efforts to improve food safety, as well as some of the advances in detection technology that are enabling food technologists to better protect consumers. Further, Dr. Siragusa acknowledges that there is no single solution to address every microbial threat to food safety, but addresses the need to address and eliminate a wide variety of threats. Finally, Dr. Siragusa discusses DuPont’s Detect and Protect services and how it helps address microbial issues in food production, such as spoilage and food waste.

  3. Modified Atmosphere Extends Produce Shelf Life

    Dr. Eva Almenar, an assistant professor at Michigan State University School of Packaging, discusses extending the life of fruits and vegetables through packaging. She addresses how packaging can provide additional protection if its atmosphere is modified, reducing food losses, improving food safety, opening  markets and increasing options for consumers. This talk will discuss the impact of packaging trends on in-package atmosphere and consequently, on the quality and safety of food products. Almenar has over 10 years of experience in prolonging the shelf life of fresh produces using packaging technologies based on plastic materials.

  4. ISTA Addresses The Hazards Food And Packaging Face Throughout The Supply Chain

    In this podcast, Eric Hiser, VP of Technical at the International Safe Transit Authority (ISTA), discusses with Food Online Voices the safe distribution of food products and what is driving the total distance a food and its packaging travel throughout the supply chain. Hiser continues by addressing some of the hazards food products face during transit and how food manufacturers, logistics companies, and retailers are addressing them. Further, Hiser offers advice to packaging producers on how to design packaging to prevent the impact of those hazards on them.

  5. Worldwide Food Waste Hits 1.3B Tons

    Bernd Jablonowski, director of Interpack and a partner with Process Expo, describes the Save Food campaign, sponsored by two United Nations organizations and Interpack trade fair organizer Messe Dusseldorf. After four years, the campaign has 450 members and is the world’s leading food initiative. Nearly 1.3 billion tons of food is being wasted worldwide each year, and improved packaging can play a major role in reducing this waste, especially in developing countries.

  6. What Are The Craft Beer Industry's Biggest Challenges?

    John Beeze, Director of FCI Container Handling at Bevcorp, took some time out of his schedule at PACK EXPO 2014 to discuss some key issues in the beverage industry.

  7. Increase Shelf Life While Maintaining Food Quality

    Sean Brady, Marketing Director of Food Care Division, Sealed Air Corp. took some time at Pack EXPO 2014, to discuss waste and sustainability issues in the food industry and solutions to improve product quality. 

  8. Achieve Energy Efficiency With Mixing Technologies

    Rick Earley, National Sales Manager, Admix took some time out at Pack EXPO 2014 to talk about how manufacturers can achieve energy efficiency and sustainability with mixing technologies. 

  9. How Packaging Development Can Make Or Break Your Product

    In an interview at Pack EXPO Guy Wray, Marketing Manager, Mocon talks about the importance of package development and how it can effect your bottom line.