Sustainability White Papers & ARticles

  1. Agricultural Bioengineering And Food Manufacturing: Navigating The Regulatory Terrain

    Advances in gene editing are disrupting agribusiness, but what are these advances? How are they regulated? And what’s to come for? In a regulatory landscape that is often overlapping and frequently subject to change, this article is designed to help navigate the complicated terrain.

  2. 2017’s Top Refrigerated Food & Beverage Trends

    To understand why food and flavor trends are born, or step into the spotlight in any given year, it is important to understand their surrounding couriers and influencers. A courier acts to shuttle a trend in from a neighboring focus, while an influencer can be seen as an ally to a trend. For the coming year, I have examined food and beverage drivers for patterns.

  3. Facing Food Waste Head On

    The food manufacturing and processing industry has changed since I began my career 35 years ago, but the persistent problem of food waste has remained a constant challenge. The statistics are quite staggering. According to the USDA, an estimated 12.7 billion pounds of meat, poultry and fish are thrown out by consumers each year. Even before food can reach consumers, an estimated 2.7 billion pounds of meat, poultry and fish — valued at $8.8 billion, or about 5 percent of all such inventory — are thrown out by retailers each year. Food waste is an intimidating challenge and one that processors, retailers, and consumers all play a part in tackling.

  4. IFS ERP Mobility Survey

    This study illuminates how ERP software is accessed via mobile devices, what types of applications and interfaces respondents are most interested in, and how mobile is changing the way we work.

  5. What Happens When Enterprise Software Is Too Hard to Use?

    Working outside of ERP systems can cause recordkeeping nightmares for manufacturers. This report explains what happens when ERP is too hard to use and offers way to simplify it.

  6. Using ERP For Process Manufacturing Quality Management

    This white paper will explore how batch process manufacturers can select and use enterprise software with embedded quality management functionality to overcome their biggest challenges.

  7. 5 Tips For Managing Food And Beverage Supply Chain

    The high-volume, transaction-intensive nature of food and beverage supply chain logistics presents significant challenges.Follow these five strategies to take the challenges out of your supply chain.

  8. ERP Solution Delivers Reliability Centered Maintenance

    Most industrial maintenance experts understand the tenets of reliability-centered maintenance (RCM). But many may lack an equal understanding of RCM2. What is the difference between RCM and RCM2?

  9. How Enterprise 2.0 In Industrial ERP Works In The Social-Media Age

    Highly-intuitive consumer technology and the rise of social media are influencing the way business software is deployed and used. How will you keep your business relevant in the age of social media?

  10. Report: Ease-Of-Use And Agility Of ERP Solutions

    In early 2011, a study of middle market to large manufacturers was conducted by IFS North America and Affinity Research Solutions, a Boston-based research firm, among manufacturing executives and professionals to better understand usability of enterprise applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Business Intelligence (BI).